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Urgent care with experience you can trust

Our experienced team of veteran physicians and staff are dedicated to enhancing care with compassion, expertise and resources to deliver the best medical experience you've had, when you need it most.

We provide urgent care for non life threatening injuries without the lengthy ER wait.

In an emergency, you need
a team
you can trust

Our team has decades of experience in first responding and emergency medicine. We're fully equipped to handle any urgent care needs, and provide direct EMS transport when hospital intervention is required.

Double-checked, onsite X-Rays

We offer leading edge, on site x-rays, as well as Dual Overread in partnership with off site specialists to ensure our patients are getting the best care possible.

Get the peace of mind you need.
Fast, accurate EKG results.

Get instant, expert analysis of your EKG results. We can determine the level of urgency related to your heart's condition, so you can get the care you need as quickly as possible.

Fully stocked trauma & suture room.


Cuts, gashes, and punctures are serious - which is why we're fully equipped to stitch, staple, and mend.

Broken Bones

We're equipped to scan, stabilize, and transport when necessary.

Emergency Experience

Our staff is exclusively made up of medical professionals with a background in emergency medicine.

Trauma Specialists

From ER surgeons, to army medics and paramedics - we all know how to react and jump into action in the face of an injury.