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Coming 2022

Elite Urgent Care

Elite Industrial is proud to announce the opening of Elite Urgent Care: a world class urgent care facility coming soon to Mobile, Alabama.

Our elite healthcare team

We have assembled an Elite healthcare team with backgrounds in emergency medicine, family primary care, and orthopedics. We will utilize this combination of skill sets to upgrade and enhance the urgent care experience for you.

State of the art facilities

  • Cutting edge trauma & suture area

    We will have a cutting edge trauma/suture area to accommodate those who would rather not wait in a busy ER.s

  • Seasonal vaccinations & testing

    We will offer seasonal vaccines including flu and Covid-19 & drive thru rapid and PCR testing for flu, covid, strep, and RSV.

  • Labs & testing without the wait

    On-site Xray and lab services with follow up consultations as needed.

  • Bounce back rehydration services

    Our rehydration services for those who need a quick pick me up after a long workout or a long weekend night.

Ultra modern customer experience

No need to come inside, check in on our website once you arrive and you will be placed in line on the board. We apply a transparent workflow that you can trust, because our patients deserve healthcare they can rely on.

Stay up to date

Stay up to date on when we're opening, and get sneak peaks into the creation of our new facility on our Facebook page.